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This is the offical site
of the original "Republic of Newfoundland" design.
These products are genuine; by the original artist and carry Canadian copyright.

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Original 1983 Republic of Newfoundland design

St. John's
Daily News article


The title "Republic of Newfoundland " carries a Canadian copyright issued by (CIPO), the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (Registation No. 1050748).

Consumer Information:
Anyone producing an item that carries the title "Republic of Newfoundland" without permission from the artist and Harbour City General is in violation of Canadian and international copyright laws and is selling you an item with a pirated title. Their products are fakes and they have not been licensed to carry the title "Republic of Newfoundland".
Consumer Knowledge:
When you purchase an item you should rightfully expect to recieve the genuine article in exchange for your hard earned money. Don't be ripped-off by folks skimming a dollar on the backs of creative artists.
Artist Declaration:
e ownership of, and the exclusive right to license "Republic of Newfoundland" is held by this artist and is sold exclusively online by Harbour City General, who holds the right as sole distributor of products bearing the title "Republic of Newfoundland."

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